Anth 202 2012 Assignment #2

3 points creativity have you managed to convey

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Unformatted text preview: it is about your chosen mentor(s) that you found inspiring or helpful. Grading Criteria (out of 35 points) Title: 1 point Does your title capture something of the ethnographic essence of your field site, the events there, or your experiences there? Ethnographic Sketch: (20 points total) Setting: Have you established the setting (physical, geographical, social) for the ethnographic scene you are depicting? (4 points) Listening: How well do you demonstrate your ability to listen ethnographically in a way that has allowed you to capture subtle details about socio ­cultural reality? How well have you reflected on yourself as an observing and listening subject? (10 points) Clarity: Have you organized your description in some sort of a meaningful and clear way? (3 points) Creativity: Have you managed to convey interesting insights about the lives of the people you have observed and/or about the ethnographic process and your experience of it? (3points) Rationale: (8 points total) Strangeness: How well have you justified why your field site made you uncomfortable? (3 points) Learning: Have you adequately explained what you’ve learned from this exercise in ethnographic listening? (3 points) Influences: Have you adequately explained how you were influenced by one of your “mentor” ethnographers? (2 points) Overall Writing: (3 points) Is your paper well organized with paragraphs that flow well and clear sentences? Did you fulfill all the instructions outlined here and on the syllabus? (i.e., you should use standard margins and 12 point font, etc., etc.). Did you carefully edit your paper? Is it free of typos? Field Notes and Their Relation to the Sketch: (3 points) Please note, you cannot get credit for this assignment if you do not include the hand written notes you took in the field (which you should scan, convert to a pdf, and turn in with your assignment). Have you taken enough field notes (about 3 pages)? Do they indicate that you were carefully listening to the events around you? Are they rich in detail? Think of your field notes as your data. Your ethnographic sketch should grow out of your field notes and be closely tied to them, but it is not just your cleaned up field notes. You will be adding other memories of, and reflections on, the events you saw, things that didn’t make it into your field notes. In the sketch you will also be imposing on these some sort of organizational, or narrative, logic. Have Fun!!! Some Potential Field Sites Here are some ideas for potential field sites from our TAs. We do not believe that these places pose any particular dangers, but please use your judgment. This is the real world.  ­The Goth club on St. Laurent and St. Catherine  ­Foufounes Electriques on St Catherine between St Laurent and St. Denis  ­Dunkin Donuts on St. Laurent and St. Catherine  ­Anywhere on St. Catherine or Ontario east of Frontenac  ­Donut shops and McDonalds at night.  ­Laval (the suburb)  ­Strip clubs ( Solid Gold on St. Laurent and a place on Parc and Fairmount, TAs feel that these are less “skuzzy” than others).  ­Hochelaga (anywhere on Ontario street going west from Frontenac metro station, until at least Pie IX, A good place here would be the restaurant Chez Clo: ­ Maisonneuve/Restaurant ­Chez ­Clo ­Montreal)  ­Jean Talon métro station.  ­Vietnamese places near Jean talon metro station  ­Asian grocery stores on St. Denis and Jean Talon.  ­Latin American neighborhood on St ­Hubert between Jean Talon and Jarry  ­Henri ­Bourassa...
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