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Anth 202 2012 Assignment #2

Make sure you take good notes on the physical setting

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Unformatted text preview: d social interactions of others. What are people doing? What is the general mood? Is there anything about how people relate to each other that strikes you (are people silent, loud, very physical or withdrawn?). This is a micro ­ethnography. Focus on carefully describing concrete interactions, details and objects that you observe. Make sure you take good notes on the physical setting (in, say a café, describe what the tables look like, the walls, the view). What do people look like, how are they dressed, what exactly are they wearing? What are people drinking at the café, what do the coffee cups look like? Of course, this is ethnography, so your main focus is not on objects or empty spaces but on actual people and how they interact –their social and cultural worlds, their everyday lives. Make sure you also treat your travel to and from the field as part of your field experience. What is this transitional zone like? What do you feel as you move closer to “the field”? When does it begin to feel like you are really “in” the field? What is different from the places you are more familiar with, when does it become different? Make sure that you are equally precise about documenting your own reactions to your new cultural environment. (3) Taking Notes As we’ve discussed in class, how you see and think about what you see is closely related to the representational media you use and how you use it. Writing helps you see things, it helps you listen more attentively. It also may detract you at times from listening. Keep this in mind in the field. You should definitely have a notebook handy. Write down as much as you can at the moment you observe it. In some instances you m...
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