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Anth 202 2012 Assignment #2

Some examples of sites that are not allowed sites

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Unformatted text preview: draws spectators; a park or street bench in an unfamiliar neighborhood; a long ride on a bus or metro filled with other people on an unfamiliar line through an unfamiliar part of the city. Some examples of sites that are not allowed: Sites devoid of people; any sites that are near Montreal’s universities or that cater to university students; professional or university sport events; large chain supermarkets (e.g., IGA, Provigo, etc.), shopping malls, markets commonly frequented by McGill students (e.g., Segal’s, Atwater Market, Jean Talon Market); institutions of religious worship; health institutions or therapy sessions of any kind; Parc Lafontaine, Parc Mont Royal; a “field site” you visited before undertaking this assignment (e.g., a foreign country you visited over the summer); simply driving or biking through a neighborhood. A list of possible field sites is included at the end of the assignment. (2) Conducting Ethnographic Observation You should plan to spend a minimum of one hour at this site (not including travel to and from it) observing what is going on around you and observing how you feel in this site. For this assignment you are not to develop sustained relations with anyone, or conduct any interviews. That would require ethics clearance and more training. It is OK to have a brief conversation if this arises naturally, or, to jot down snippets of conversation you may happen to overhear in public spaces. Without being too self ­indulgent or self ­absorbed (remember, ethnography is about the self but only insofar as your self discoveries are through the detour of the comprehension of the other) pay attention to your own reactions to the setting you are observing and to the actions an...
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