Anth 202 2012 Assignment #2

Try not to clean them up too much you want to

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Unformatted text preview: ay need to write things down after the event. Try to do this as soon as possible, so that you don’t forget the little details. Tape recording, filming, and photography are not permitted for this project. If you are interested in photography or film you might try to imagine what is like to be seeing things in the field as if through the camera’s lens and to write about this way of seeing. Take a lot of field notes. Then go home and immediately transcribe them into your computer. Try not to clean them up too much, you want to preserve your first impressions in all of their freshness. You should add to your field notes with other reflections or memories –or even dreams!– about your field experience. You will use these transcribed notes as the basis for writing your ethnographic sketch. We will also want to see your original hand written notes that you took in the field. Include the time, date, and place where they were written, and hand them in with the rest of your assignment. Your original field notes should be about 3 pages long. (4) Write an Ethnographic Sketch Your sketch should be 3 double ­spaced pages long and it should have a title, which attempts to capture in some way or another something of the ethnographic essence of your field site, the events there, or your experiences there. In your sketch, make clear where your field site is. Give us a sense of the physical setting, so we understand what kind of a place it is you are writing about. Set the scene for the events and interactions you will describe, reflect on your own sensations about being there. Your sketch should be well written and carefully edited. It should be organized in paragraphs that link logically to one another. You d...
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