Anth 202 2012 Assignment #2

G robert gardners forest of bliss or lucien taylors

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Unformatted text preview: o not need to make an argument, but you do need to give some thought to how you are going to organize your material. Your sketch should have a beginning and an end. For the purposes of this assignment try to model your writing on one or more of the ethnographic writings we have read so far in class (especially Agee’s but also Rabinow and Geertz in their ethnographic descriptions, not their theoretical analysis). Alternatively, you may try to “paint” an ethnographic sketch as if it were a scene from one of the descriptively rich ethnographic films we’ve seen in class (e.g., Robert Gardner’s Forest of Bliss, or Lucien Taylor’s Sweetgrass). For this assignment you should try to explicitly copy the writing and/or observational styles of these anthropologists. This is not plagiarism. Think of yourself as an apprentice and think of these as the master craftspeople under which you are apprenticing. What can you learn from the ways they see and the ways they depict what they see? Your sketch should be closely based on your field notes, and you might even lift a few sentences directly out of your field notes, but the sketch is not simply the field notes. It is a reworking, a polishing, mixed with your reflections “after” the field, of this material. (5) Rationale In half a page to one page your rationale should: a) briefly justify why your field site is appropriate. You need to explain to us why this site is “strange” to you, or in some way makes you feel “uncomfortable;” b) briefly explain what you’ve learned about ways of anthropological listening through this assignment; c) explain which of the ethnographers whose works we’ve read or seen in class you used as an influence in your ethnographic sketch, give us a sense of what...
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