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Unformatted text preview: ion of the Native American population, the Spanish began to intermarry into the Native American gene pool. - portions of the population were pureblooded Spaniards that occupied the highest social and political status. - Those from Spain were one step above those born in the New World while those of mixed or Indian heritage were at the bottom of the social ladder. Additionally, because the Spanish came as conquerors, the resulting political system was entirely autocratic and solely devoted to the furthering of the motherland. - Spanish looted large amounts of gold, silver - This tradition continued into the seventeenth century as Spanish ships would come annually to bring gold and other valuables back to Spain. - Spanish America as an object useful only for its mercantilist objectives. Since mercantilism was its only objective, Spain gave its colonies little self- rule. Instead, Spanish rulers dictated all the policies of its New World territories. - The English settled relatively peacefully into the Eastern Seaboard of North America - wanted independence, political freedom, and economic opportunity. - England's tradition of partial representation, self- government The colonies all had some form of a representative assembly that was voted in by popular support. While only white male landowners could vote, this still constituted some degree of democracy. In some colonies, even the governors were decided by popular vote. Also, many of the British colonies, such as Virginia, were established by joint stock companies or established as proprietary colonies, such as Pennsylvania - affiliated with the government, such as the Puritans who settled the Massachusetts Bay Colony. - unlike those of Spain, didn't exist for the sole purpose of mercantilism - The English imposed some mercantilist policies - Even when they were enforced, these laws only regulated trade, but never neared the Spanish autocratic measures of directly taking gold and valuables from the colonies to England. - Spanish developed economically by using the Encomienda system:Spanish lords exploited...
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