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Besides the settlements under the toledo reforms the

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Unformatted text preview: and therefore reducing them to slavery or serfdom was in accordance with Catholic theology and natural law. - no end to Spanish wars of conquest in the New World, and Sepúlveda did not see the New Laws' restricting the power of the encomienda system overturned. - cemented Las Casas's position as the lead defender of the Indians in the Spanish Empire and further weakened the encomienda system, but did not alter treatment of Indians Trail of Tears The Cherokee Indians were forced to leave their lands. They traveled from North Carolina and Georgia through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas- more than 800 miles - to the Indian Territory. More than 4,000 Cherokees died of cold, disease, and lack of food during the 116- day journey. Cherokee Nation 1. adopted "white" customs including dress, some were wealthy farm owners and cattle ranchers 2. had their own language and newspaper;7 established its own constitution 3. fought for sovereignty and won under Supreme Court ruling Carlisle school buffalo Diego de Landa Potosí - city in Bolivia - Spanish colonial mining = New World Spanish Empire - once called cerro rico (rich mountain of silver ore) - extensive mining diminished the actual height and many Indians died - old Quechua word in thunder, burst, explode said no to Incas and it was for someone else - fed the development of Europe “latin america was a european business” Tecumseh zoonotic diseases early in history, some of the worlds demographic were not in contact with each others therefore did not develop an immune response the constant influx of humans tended to burn out after their first run through a population - diseases pathogens became chronic infections in the “reservoir” of animals in order to survive and waited for new hosts genocide ethnocide Summer Institute of Linguistics California missions Gold rush Code talkers blood quantum - misses those who immigrated - census techniques Latin America - leagices of counting ex resettlements, legally assigned cultural traits, epidemics, conquer and divide methods, confederated methods, Kayapo ● ● ● ● ● How have symbols of Indigenous identity as represented through a body image served as a political strategy? o A channel of communication Media attention Pro- Indigenous activism What are some of the contradictions/disadvantages? o Western constructions of Native identity o Ecologically Noble Savage o Exoticism o Tradition: perceived as an “unchanging core o...
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