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Erica irene daes is widely used the approach by the

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Unformatted text preview: elf- identification as indigenous is also regarded as a fundamental element in Martinéz Cobo’s working definition: “On an individual basis, an indigenous person is one who belongs to these indigenous peoples through self- identification as indigenous (group consciousness) and is recognized and accepted by the group as one of its members (acceptance by the group). This preserves for these communities the sovereign right and power to decide who belongs to them, without external interference.” Soren Hvalkof writes, “We cannot afford to forget holocausts.” (pg. 86)- - why or why not? - we are turning our backs on one of the most despicable acts in human history. - And we are taking the chance that an even greater act of racial cleansing/extermination could occur. Look at how many examples we have of racial cleansing in just the 20th Century alone. - multiple examples of so called racial cleansing - Make them see and learn of the evil men can do to one another Yet, in today’s world it sometimes seems as if we are more concerned with the extinction of a species of animal, bird, or reptile than we are the extinction of a race of men.Each generation must learn and understand the dark forces and culpable failures that allowed prejudice, discrimination and persecution to lead to a vast programme of mass slaughter that spanned a continent. How did Spanish and English colonization philosophies and methods compare with each other? 1- The English and Spanish colonies were established for completely different reasons. 2- English colonies were first established by the Puritans who were seeking refuge, freedom of religion, and economic opportunity. 5- The Spaniards came to America's on accident in a futile attempt to find an alternate trade route to china,with a thriving community, complex architecture and cities of gold. The Spanish settlements in the American Southwest and the English colonies in New England of the seventeenth century can be contrasted in primarily two ways - politics were based on entirely different ruling classes and systems of government - employed different avenues of economic development. The Spanish settlements began with Cortes and others conquering the Native Americans of South, Central, and parts of Southwestern North America. - After eradicating a large port...
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