About 50 companies have signed on so far said

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Unformatted text preview: without additional penalties. About 50 companies have signed on so far, said Delaware Secretary of State -Inventory for different types of firms Jeffrey Bullock. Today’s Topics (Ch 6) GETTING STARTED -Tracking inventory and related costs Skeptics say it is unlikely the state is ready to truly back off a program that has brought in $1.24 --2 methods billion over the past three years alone, its third largest revenue source behind income and franchise taxes over that time. -Costs included in inventory PURCHASING INVENTORY -How do firms account for freight, "Unclaimed property is crack for the state of Delaware," said Chris Hopkins, a partner at accounting firm Crowe Horwath LLP. discounts and returns? Unclaimed property includes un-cashed payroll checks, unused gift cards or certificates, life -What if the value of inventory changes? insurance benefits, dormant bank accounts, and stock dividends, among other goods that CARRYING INVENTORY -What if we miscount ending inventory? 2/1/13 8:53 AM SELLING INVENTORY ANALYZING INVENTORY -What costs do firms a...
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