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Unformatted text preview: listed U.S. companies to incorporate there. But America's first state has a harsh side: It is one of the most aggressive in calling dibs on "unclaimed property," such as uncashed paychecks and unused gift cards, miring companies in years of audits and costing them millions. Under Delaware law, companies incorporated there must turn over unclaimed property to the state if they can't locate the owner. The state gets unclaimed securities and dividends after three years. For all other types of property, such as gift certificates, the state claims possession after five years. The rule has long been criticized as a revenue scheme on the part of the state, and has spurred substantial pushback from the corporate community. "You can't be nice with one hand and slap us with the other," said French Slaughter, a tax lawyer in the Washington office of McGuireWoods LLP, who has represented several companies audited by the state for unclaimed property. Aware of the backlash, and hoping to decrease the number of audits, Delaware last summer rolled out a temporary voluntary-disclosure program, a sort of amnesty under which companies that feel they owe back payments to the state can calculate what they believe they owe and pay it...
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