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3.13.06 L63 - Lecture 63 Origin of Species Requirements of...

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March 13, 2006 Lecture 63: Origin of Species Requirements of Hardy-Weinberg Large population size No gene flow (no immigration or emigration) No mutations Random mating No natural selection (reproductive success is random) Exceptions to Hardy-Weinberg are usually caused by: Mutations Genetic drift (allele fixation) Bottleneck effects (small pop) Founders effects (small pop) Immigration, emigration Sexual selection Evolution Descent with modification   What is a Species? Biological Species Concept:     Group of actually or potentially interbreeding natural  populations that are reproductively isolated from other such group (determining this is  not easy).  This is the “Gold standard” but its not very practical Morphology Time Cladogenesis anagenesis
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Morphological [Paleontological] Species Concept:     A population or group of populations that differs morphologically (i.e. shows consistant measurable anatomical differences)
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