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Letters could be arranged in countless letters ways

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Unformatted text preview: These systems used a small number of symbols, or letters, to represent sounds. sounds. • Letters could be arranged in countless Letters ways to form words. ways • The Phoenicians were among the first to devise an alphabet. The • Because they were sailors and merchants, the idea of alphabetic Because writing spread wherever the Phoenicians traveled. writing • During the first millennium BCE alphabetic writing spread from the During Mediterranean region to India. Mediterranean 39 What is a world religion? It’s a belief system that embraces people of differing languages and cultural traditions. Religions that spread during Big Era Four were: Expanding Networks: Expanding Religions Religions Hinduism Judaism Buddhism Christianity 2800 BCE ? 19 00 BCE 12 00 BCE 5 00 BCE 1 CE 500 CE Hinduism Judaism Buddhism Religions that Spread During Big Era Four Christianity 40 Growth of World Growth Religions Religions In Big Era Four Hinduism From lst millennium BCE Buddhism From 5th century BCE Christianity From 1st century CE Judaism Communities scattered widely in Southwest Asia, Northern Africa, and Europe, especially from the first century CE. Outline Map: Microsoft Encarta Reference Library 2002 41 Expanding Networks: Expanding Religions Religions When people carried a new religion from place to place, they also often took along •A writing system (This was useful in teaching holy scripture.) •Trade goods (Religion was a basis of trust among merchants.) •Art styles (Religious ideas were often expressed in painting, sculpture, and architecture.) 42 So, what have we learned about two key developments of this era? Population growth and networks 43...
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