Epidemics 11 population growth consequences

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Unformatted text preview: pidemics 11 Population Growth Consequences Consequences What were the consequences of population growth? 12 Population Growth Consequences Consequences Over time, the clearing of Over forests led to soil erosion, shortages of wood for fuel, and the extinction of some local animal and plant species. local #1 Deforestation! 13 Population Growth Consequences Consequences As populations grew and As communities grew larger, more complex, and closer together, organization became more important. New political, social, and economic systems emerged. emerged. #2 More complex societies! Brahmin Kshatriya Vaishya Sudra Untouchable The Indian Caste System 14 Population Growth Consequences Consequences #3 Collective Collective learning increased! increased! 15 Population Growth Cities Cities #4 More people began living in large cities! 16 Alexandria • Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE Great • Important trade center • Its library home to many famous scholars famous There were not only Greeks and There Italians, but also Syrians, Libyans, Cilicians and yet others from farther countries—Ethiopians, Arabs, as well as Bactrians, Scythians, Persians, and a few Indians. Persians, The Pharos Lighthouse in Alexandria A Greek orator writing about Alexandria Alexandria 17 Changan (Xian) • Capital of China during the Han dynasty Han • Located at the eastern end of the silk road the • Merchants and diplomats brought trade goods and new ideas new 18 Persepolis • Founded in the 6th century BCE by Darius I BCE • Capital of the Achaemenid Empire of Persia Empire • Destroyed by Alexander the Great in 330 BCE Great 19 Rome • Political and economic hub of the Roman Empire the • World’s largest city in Big Era Four, with nearly one million residents residents • Elaborate water and sewer systems made Rome livable despite its size despite Not without good reason did gods Not and men choose this spot as the site of a city. site Livy, a Roman historian 20 Teotihuacan • Major city of the Americas located in the valley of Mexico the • From 400 to 600 CE, a thriving commercial and agricultural center with 200,000 residents 200,000 Photo: University of Arizona The Pyramid of the Sun, The Teotihuacan Teotihuacan • The Pyramid of the Sun covered as much ground as the pyramid of Khufu in Egypt of 21 Population Growth Population In Summary: Over time, deforestation led to Over soil erosion, shortages of wood for fuel, and the extinction of some local animal and pl...
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