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Exchange 33 expanding networks expanding routes

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Unformatted text preview: ther goods. for By 1000 BCE, pastoralists controlled networks of By exchange throughout Inner Eurasia . exchange 33 Expanding Networks: Expanding Routes Routes Between 300 BCE and 300 CE, Between long periods of stability and prosperity in states throughout Afroeurasia stimulated interest in long distance trade. Intercontinental communication and the exchange of goods, became regular, organized, and protected by large empires. protected The Silk Roads carried shipments The of Chinese silk but also many other goods. other 34 Expanding Networks: Expanding Routes Routes On the Silk Roads, goods changed On hands many times. Parthians, Indians, Kushans, Uigurs, and others acted as middlemen, selling and bartering goods, and taking profits. Caravans passing west carried silk, porcelain, jade, bronze, and spices. Those traveling east shipped gold and silver coins, ivory, gemstones, glassware, and carpets. glassware, 35 Expanding Networks: Expanding Routes Routes Sea routes ran down the Sea Red Sea and Persian Gulf, across the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, and through the Straits of Malacca to the South China Sea. These sea lanes often linked These up with overland routes, facilitating travel, trade, and the exchange of ideas across Afroeurasia. across Roman Roman Ship Ship Indian Indian Ship Ship Chinese Ship Ship 36 Expanding Networks: Expanding Empires Empires Empires had formed in Afroeurasia as Empires early as Big Era Three. Although many claimed vast territories, most did not survive for long. survive In the 4th century BCE, Alexander the In Great amassed an empire that stretched from Greece to India. Upon his death, however, the empire fragmented. however, The later centuries of Big Era Four saw the rise of new empires that both dominated huge expanses of land and remained unified for a long time. The Largest of these were the Han and Roman empires. Roman 37 Large Empires of Afroeurasia 500 BCE - 500 CE Rome Byzantium Kush Kushana Parthian/ Sassanid Maurya/ Gupta Xiongnu Han Axum 38 Expanding Networks: Writing Writing Cool! • Alphabetic writing systems appeared Alphabetic in the later second millennium BCE....
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