Species brahmin kshatriya vaishya sudra when

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Unformatted text preview: ant species. species. Brahmin Kshatriya Vaishya Sudra When communities grew larger, When more complex, and closer together, new political, social, and economic systems became necessary. necessary. Untouchable Collective learning increased, further fueling advances in technology. Although the vast majority of people still inhabited rural farming villages, more Although people than ever before began living in large cities. people 22 Expanding Networks Expanding Hmmm... What is a network of exchange? That’s easy! A network of exchange is a web of connections through which people, goods, and ideas circulate. Telephones, the Internet, and highways are all networks of exchange. 23 Expanding Networks Routes Around 300 BCE to 300 CE, merchants, Around shippers, sea captains, and empire-builders extended and strengthened trade routes across Afroeurasia and the Americas. across Empires Empires required networks of military and Empires political communication. These networks encouraged interaction of many kinds over long distances. long Writing With the appearance of alphabetic writing With systems in Afroeurasia, people could communicate faster and easier than ever before. before. Religions The appearance of world religions— The Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity—stimulated cultural interchange across political and cultural boundaries. across 24 Expanding Networks: Expanding Routes Routes In the Americas... The Olmec of Mexico developed extensive trade networks that extended hundreds of miles from Olmec territory. They imported jade and other raw materials for their crafts. Their exports included pottery and sculpture. pottery The Tiwanakans in what is today Bolivia also The began to build trade routes during Big Era Four. Llama caravans brought produce, wood, metals, and fish from outlying villages to the city of Tiwanaku. to 25 Expanding Networks: Expanding Routes Routes The silk road, The Persian royal road, Roman roads, and shipping routes combined to form extensive interregional networks of exchange in Afroeurasia. Afroeurasia. A wide variety of goods wide flowed along these networks… 26 Expanding Networks: Expanding Routes Routes On the map are some of the On goods traded along the Afroeurasian networks....
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