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If a racemic mixture is formed you must draw both

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Unformatted text preview: lete the reactions. Use wedges and dashes to indicate stereochemistry when appropriate. If a racemic mixture is formed, you must draw both enantiomers and write “racemic” next to the two structures? OH Br OH OH Br Racemic OH OH OH Racemic 1) Hg(OAc) 2 2) NaBH 4 HBr 1) OsO4 2) NaHSO 3 Br Br 2/H2O OH Br H 2/Pd OH Racemic Br 2/CCl4 1)BH 3 2) H 2O2/NaOH OH H 2SO 4/H2O Br OH Br OH Br Br Racemic 4 Homework ­4 Due 10/23/13 Q4 ­ Cont… 1) BH 3 2) H 2O2/NaOH OH Racemic OH Br Br 2/CCl4 Br Br Br Racemic H 2O/H2SO 4 OH OH Br 2/H2O CH 3 OH Br Racemic...
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