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Another paradox is that he still made a lot of money

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Unformatted text preview: y hand o i.e: Decanter and Peacock Brooch • Arts and Crafts movement was intended to make objects of good quality that are beautiful; the paradox, though, is that only rich people could afford them. Another paradox is that he still made a lot of money • • • • • • • • • • Guild and School of Handicraft, London (1888) Escritoise by Ashbee Town of Chipping Campden, located in the Cotswolds • People tried to repopulate it George Edmund Street • The first person Morris worked for after school • He gave Morris commission to work on a church o Church of St. Phillip and St. James Queen Victoria (1819-1901) and Prince Albert (1819-1861) • Albert was German • The marriage between the two was good, but Albert couldn’t speak English Sutton Hoo Ceremonial Helmet • Helmet of a Saxon Chiefman • Original people of England were Celts; they moved West to Spain then up to England • One of the Celtic kings: in order to fight off the enemies, he asked for help from England with no payment, so they took over his land • England: land of Anglos and Saxons vs Britain: Wales, all etc. Chatsworth House by Joseph Paxton • (WRONG IMAGE used in lecture: Crystal Palace – this has been corrected in the images posted to blackboard) • The house was part of a competition Kew Garden Crystal Palace by Joseph Paxton • Prefabricated steel and glass • A true representation of the technology at the time • A factory was built on site to create the material needed • The building was meant to be built very quickly • Shows a true marriage of contractor + architect • The building was relocated after the fair was opened • It was a huge success; but was relocated to Sydenham, but then burned down while...
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