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Unformatted text preview: porate the past rather than entirely abandoning it) London Industrial Revolution A. W. N. Pugin (1812-1852) • Also an important figure of the IR, in addition to Brunel • A collection of small notebooks of his self-portraits • He decided to draw all the gothic cathedrals he could find • He worked as a fisherman and visited most of these cathedrals while sailing on the English Channel • He wrote 2 books: Principles of Appointed Architecture and Contrast o both books are about gothic architecture and contrasting it to the Renaissance o Contrast: He proposed a national style: gothic. He was promoting gothic architecture through these books; also an attempt to reintroduce Classicism o Appointed Architecture: Gothic architecture is the best because it is honest and does not hide anything or add anything to a style. Form follows function, materials should be used honestly, uplift the spirits, glass to let in sunlight etc Parliament by Pugin and Barry • One of his most important projects There was a fire and the old house of Parliament burned down, so they held a design competition • Pugin was hired but was never given the right amount of credit and recognition • Detailed, concise drawings for the design of the Parliament; details down to the fabric • John Ruskin (1819-1900) & Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) • Ruskin wrote: Stones of Venice and Nature of the Gothic o Nature of the Gothic: About the ills of Industrial exploitation; the idea of making things that are not really necessary; interrogating the spiritual purpose of making; making the necessary and abandoning the unnecessary • Stones of Venice by Ruskin • He was primarily a painter • He liked Venice because it contained its Gothic architect...
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