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Do divinity he heard ruskin talk at oxford which made

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Unformatted text preview: ure • William Morris (1834-1896) • Born into a wealthy family in Cornwall, never had to worry about money • He went to Oxford to do divinity • He heard Ruskin talk at Oxford which made him change his major to architecture, thinking he could change the world through building • He decided to attack the social aspect of the IR • He wanted to redefine Industrial civilization • He was married to Jane Morris • William Morris was one of the founders of the Sot league in England; despite his wealth, he wanted to be a common person • Red House was where they lived o Made out of brick, hence the name o Intended to be designed with gothic manners o Morris changed everything inside the room o Total work of art: The architect design the interior + exterior; to make the experience transformative • Elizabeth Siddal-Rossetti • Red hair; died very young; • “The Bessed Damozel” • painting shows Jane Morris • Kelmscott Manor • Decides to buy a house because he was also infatuated by Jane Morris was very interested in being an individual with individual designs • Bleak House by Dickens • Paints a picture of homelessness, poverty, prostitution – all these conditions/issues during the IR • Charles Robert Ashbee • Started the Sot League • Took Morris’ ideas and started the Arts + Crafts league for people to make things b...
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