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Avogadros Number Lab - Avogadro's Number Lab Section 2325...

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Avogadro’s Number October 10, 2007 Lab Section 2325 Course Number T.A. Carly Ebben Michael Kowalski Purpose-Avogadro’s number is the amount of times the mass of a single molecule fits into one molar mass. The purpose of this experiment was to accomplish finding Avogadro’s number other than simply weighing a molecule. However molecules are so small, they are incapable of being weighed, so the purpose of this experiment is to find the weight of a molecule through experiments with glass beads and molecular film. Procedure- A Petrie dish is taken and the inner diameter is measured along with the mass. Glass beads are poured and form a monolayer in the Petrie dish. The mass is weighed of the monolayer of beads on the Petrie dish. The procedure is repeated two more times. 25 ml of distilled water is put into a 125 ml Ehrlenmeyer flask. The mass is taken of the flask and the water. 5ml of alcohol solution is transferred to a test tube. A stopper is used to stop evaporation. 30 drops of alcohol are placed into the flask. The mass is determined of the water, alcohol and flask. This procedure is repeated. A tray is filled with 1 cm of water. Lycopodium powder is sprayed over the water. The micropipette is filled with acid solution. One
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Avogadros Number Lab - Avogadro's Number Lab Section 2325...

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