proofreads itself but dna polymerase what are the

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Unformatted text preview: : • adds the correct complementary base to the free 3’ OH group of a chain • catalyzes the condensation reaction (of what to what?) • “proofreads” itself But, DNA polymerase What are the roles • needs a starting block (primer) to add to of enzymes at the • needs helicase to unwind the helix DNA “replication fork”? • Helicase •Primase (actually a RNA polymerase) • DNA polymerases (DNA pol III and DNA pol I) • DNA ligase 2 3’ G C 5’ AT TA TA AT CG AT GC GC TA 3’G A T T A C AU GC GC TA A G G U C 5’Which of these two RNA primers T could DNA A polymerase A extend? (A) left UCCA T add to A end G (B) left UCCA add to U end T (C) right AGGU C add to A end C (D) right AGGU add to U end A Summary of DNA replication fig 16-17 3...
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