2 102513 what would a molecule have to do in order

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Unformatted text preview: How did they interpret their results? What reac4on links 2 organic monomers together to produce a chains? A. hydrolysis B. condensa4on C. oxida4on D. reduc4on What early earth condi4ons would have favored and/or facilitated such reac4ons? Figure 25.3b What kinds of interac4ons among macromolecules could have formed these cell- like “protobionts”? 3- 4 20 µm In water, organic molecules can spontaneously form vesicles. Vesicles exhibit simple reproduc4on and metabolism and can maintain an internal chemical environment. 2 10/25/13 What would a molecule have to do, in order to function as the basis of heredity? Which of these types of molecules cou...
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