recent realization that it could leak more slowly

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Unformatted text preview: mation – in string theory, a quantum theory, information is conserved, so must be re- radiated or otherwise saved in black hole evaporation. Quantum View of Forces – the quantum theory views (mathematically) all forces as resulting from an exchange of particles, with different particles representing different forces (electromagnetic, weak, strong). Strings and space – the shape of the wrapped- up spaces determine how the strings can vibrate and hence what particle they represent. Extra dimensions – in the first version of string theory, all the extra dimensions were “wrapped up” on a scale comparable to the Plank Scale. Thought to be necessary so that gravity would have inverse- with- distance- squared behavior. Calabi Yau space – special 6- dimensional geometry that could be the shape of the wrapped- up dimensions. Newton had concept of “...
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