2 view inside a wormhole one should be able to see

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Unformatted text preview: oam, and worm holes. Planck scale – the tiny scale (10- 33 cm, 10- 43 s, 1093 gm/cm3) where Einstein’s theory and quantum theory are predicted to collide, the implied “size” of the singularity. Strings are somewhat larger than this. “Quantum Foam” – word description (in absence of quantitative mathematical theory) of the expected nature of space- time on the smallest level (Planck scale) where quantum effects compete with space- time curvature. At the quantum foam level it is not just the position of an object in otherwise uniform space that is uncertain (the classic quantum view), but the nature of space itself must be quantum uncertain, as if everywhere were tiny, effervescent worm holes connecting space and time randomly and uncertainly. Wormholes – according to Einstein’s t...
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