Quantum foam word description in absence of

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Unformatted text preview: osmological constant. Physically, this quantity is associated with an energy of the vacuum of space, a Dark Energy that anti- gravitates. Composition of the Universe – about 2/3 Dark Energy, about 1/3 Dark Matter, only a few percent “ordinary” matter. Shape of the Universe – flat in three dimensions. The sum of the Dark Energy, Dark Matter and “ordinary” matter is exactly right, within observational uncertainty, to render the Universe flat. Theory suggests it is essentially exactly flat. With the Dark Energy, the Universe could expand to become a dark void, everything could be pulled apart in a Big Rip, or the Universe could recollapse to a singularity. Conflict between Gravity and Quantum Theory – Need quantum gravity to understand the singularity at the birth of Big Bang and in black holes, quantum f...
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