Vacuum energy and time machines vacuum quantum energy

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Unformatted text preview: heory it is possible, in principle, to construct wormholes that lead from one place in 3D space to another. Shape of a wormhole – a three dimensional worm hole is not a “tube” as it appears in its two- dimensional embedding diagram, but rather a spherical space that can be approached from any direction. Travel through a worm hole – one would proceed “straight” along a radius toward the center of the spherical space, but eventually find oneself moving away from the center and out into normal space, without ever changing direction. 2 View inside a wormhole – one should be able to see through a worm hole looking along the radius toward the center of the spherical space, but if, within the wormhole, one looks “sideways,” perpendicular to the radius, one would see light that traveled aroun...
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