Descartessaidthatthemindconsists ofbothinnateideas

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Unformatted text preview: re-scientific: mechanistic, pre-ordained (pre-wired) Descartes- “Dualism”- the idea that the body and the mind were separate entities that interact at a brain site called the Pineal Body (gland). Descartes said that the mind consists of both innate ideas (present at birth) and derived (learned) experiences. 4. Scientific: The start of what we today call psychology W. Wundt- In 1879 at Leipzig, Germany- established the 1st laboratory for the study of psychology. His method of study • • • What resulted was a kind of “Mental Chemistry” If we look at something, our eyes and brains break it down into Gestalt Psychology Wertheimer, Koffka, & Kohler: Argued against Wundt- said that perceptions are greater than the 5. American Historical Aspects G. Stanley Hall - Wundt’s student. Established the 1st psychology laboratory at Johns Hopkins (1883) Titchener-student of Wundt- brought “Structuralism” to America. His Structuralism was more strictly descriptive than was the Structuralism of Wundt. Darwin (actually British) – Darwin asked: What is the function of a trait or behavior? Darwin felt that Individual differences are inherited. Darwin’s ideas featured Evolution- features and capabilities that offer an advantage over competition tend to survive (and reproduce). Darwin’s thinking has led to ideas such as: Consciousness- must be adaptive, i.e., it must have a function or it wouldn’t exist. Night/Color/3-D vision – all must have a function. William James - founded a school of thought called: “Functionalism” This approach emphasized the study of consciousness, thinking and feeling. Functionalism really gave rise to modern American psychology. Thorndike -1st to use animals as subjects. Pavlov (Russian) - Conditioning (learning) in dogs Behaviorism featured the study of observable behavior only. The study of learning was prominent (Behaviorism was founded by Watson). Watson, John- said that we should study only what we can measure… Behavior The role of experience was all that mattered--- little thought to heredity, physiology… NO INSTINCTS! Instincts are pre-wired behaviors – organisms are said to be born with behavior already programmed John B. Watson “Principles of Behav...
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