Skinner behaviorism

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Unformatted text preview: ior (1913) “I have in mind an experiment. Take an infant – regardless of ancestry, race, talent, or predilection, so long as he is essentially healthy – And I will make of him whatever you like. I will produce an artist, soldier, doctor, lawyer, priest, ; or I will raise him to be a thief. You may decide. The infant is equally capable of all these things. All that is required is training, time, and a properly controlled environment.” Skinner- Behaviorism - there are environmental determinants of behavior. If you do something and get rewarded- you tend to do it again. If you do something and are punished, that behavior tends to be suppressed. Skinner is known for the scientific study of Behavior: 1. Stimuli – Responses – Consequences SD --- R------Srf 2. Reinforcement & Punishment Freud- Psychodynamic featured unconscious processes, psychoanalysis, and the role of early sexual experiences. Unconscious processes determine a lot of behavior and emotions. Ever wonder why you did something???? Current Perspectives Neuroscience (Biological) – physiological explanations for psychological phenomena. Use of lesions (sham rage), stimulation (O&M). Brain Damage: Which parts of the brain control what (Broca - Speech)?? Evolutionary- natural selection as a factor determining what we are today. Natural Selection- those that are most fit survive and reproduce. Malthus, Darwin, Wallace More recent evolutionary ideas: E.O.Wilson and Sociobiology There is a biological (Evolutionary) bases for human behavior Helping Behavior…. WHY??? Warning Cries Sickle-Cells as protection against malaria. Concept of “Beauty”; Fat cells Darwin’s Ghost “Flesh-Eating” (aka Necrotizing fasciitis) due to evolving antibiotic resistance in streptococcus/staphylococcus MRSA Others: Gonorrhea Black Plague--- Yersinia pestis – is it still around? Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (SSRI) Behavior Genetics- Role of genes in psychology Nature-Nurture- the debate as to whether nature (genes, biology) or nurture (environment, learning, experience) are the most important factor in determining one’s psychology characteristics. General consensus: There is an interactive relationship between Nature and Nurture. Both are important and compensation can occur. Human Genome research Knock out technology...
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