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Unformatted text preview: re with Brand 1 & 2; Driving Situation 2: no AC, Or: You could compare driving on a highway vs “in-town” Independent Variable (IV) - what is done (changed) in an experiment. The IV is the experimental factor that is being manipulated; the variable whose effects are being studied. IV 1 = Brand 1 vs. Brand 2 of gasoline (as in above example) IV 2 = Driving Condition 1 vs. Driving Condition 2 Dependent Variable (DV)-what happens as a result of administering an independent variable (IV); what is being measured; the DV is the variable that may change in response to manipulations of the independent variable. DV = MPG (as in above example). Experiment Example 2: Pain experiment: IV = Pain as produced by a electric Shock = IV (Operational Def) DV = Pain Rated on a scale from 1 to 10 = Pain rating = DV (Operational Def) We can also use this paradigm (research strategy) to test pain-relieving IV = Morphine vs. Nothing; DV = Ratings of pain Drug group 1 = Morphine Drug group 2 = Nothing (Control group used for comparative purpo BUT: there may be problems in interpreting the results using this paradigm: Placebo Effects….. If we believe a drug is real, then…. So we need: Drug group 3 = fake pill We also need “Blind Procedures”—the subjects should not know whether they are receiving the fake drug or the real one. Since researchers may “see what they want to see” they should also be blind as to which group or individual receive which drug. This type of research, where BOTH the subject and the experimenter are not aware of drug group membership is called a double-blind study. Sometimes, we use the subject as his own control… first with the real drug, then with the fake drug. When we do this, we must “counterbalance” the order of administration—half of the subjects get the real drug first followed by the fake drug… the other half of the subjects get the fake drug first followed by the real drug. Confounding Variables - other factors that might screw-up...
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