Human impacts on the carbon cycle one thing humans do

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Unformatted text preview: sedimentary rocks, only the carbon in biomass, ocean and atmosphere is readily available. Human impacts on the carbon cycle One thing humans do is make the carbon stored in fossil fuels and in sedimentary rocks more accessible by burning the former and using the later in building materials. This disrupts the natural balance; hence global warming that is in part anthropogenic, that is caused by humans. Challenge for the future: what can we do? As a society •  Mi?ga?on (reduce emissions; increase efficiency) •  legisla?on •  interna?onal agreements •  conserva?on efforts •  Study impacts •  Fund research and development •  Consider adapta?ons •  Seawalls, etc. •  Moving inland •  Drought tolerant crops As an individual •  Conserva?on (e.g., buy a car with higher fuel efficiency, use energy efficient light bulbs) •  Be aware of choices that may be impacted by climate change (like where you buy a house) •  Expect knowledgeable discussions amongst law & policy makers Responding t...
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