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Unformatted text preview: ntal margins. The petroleum formation window Oil traps Oil migrates in aquifers similar to groundwater and can become trapped in reservoirs. Oil shale Requires heat to extract the kerogen from matrix additional processing carries high economic and environmental costs. <65 Ma <545 Ma <248 Ma Ages of major petroleum reservoirs The older the rock, the more petroleum has leaked out. Global distribution of oil Iields Undiscovered oil reservoirs difficult to predict and estimates of total oil reserves highly controversial. exponential scale!!! Recoverable energy resources Current consumption ~ 40 billion barrels per year Prediction of future oil reserves Hubbert peak (after M. King Hubbert): estimation of energy resources based on the prediction of their discovery and depletion. Potential problems with this approach: •  new technologies in oil recovery •  undiscovered or unexplored oil reserves US oil production and imports Hubbert’s prediction was spot on, US oil produc...
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