Coal is the most abundant type of fossil fuel rich in

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Unformatted text preview: untries ~2 ­3 barrels/person/ years Barrel = 42 US gallons Fossil fuels •  Vascular land plants coal. Coal is the most abundant type of fossil fuel. – Rich in waxes, resins and lignin. – Tends to remain solid. •  Marine phytoplankton oil. Nearly always found in marine sediments. – Petroleum: gaseous, liquid, semi liquid. Consists primarily of hydrocarbon. – Tar: oil that is thick and will not flow. – Kerogen: solid organic maaer that has not been heated high enough to form petroleum ... millions of years later 60% organic carbon 80% organic carbon Coal formation Heat and pressure lead to loss of H2O, CO2 and CH4 and compression. Coal forming periods •  Silurian (440 million years ago) •  Carboniferous (350 million years ago) •  Cretaceous (100 million years ago) •  These periods coincide with the evoluHon of terrestrial plants, oben in (semi)tropical climate. •  Coal deposits can be found in subsiding basins and near conHne...
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