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Unformatted text preview: tion peaked in 1970 and we are increasingly dependent on oil imports. When will we reach the peak in world production? Curve based on consensus figure among geologists of 2000 billion barrels total oil reserves. Who has oil? 60% of current oil reserves are in the Middle East and Persian Gulf, 2% are in the US. (use as barrels per day) Who uses oil? Average amount of oil available per capita per day: 1.7 liters Average consumption of oil in the US per capita per day: ~8 liters Untapped oil reserves in the US •  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge – Alaska: estimated 10.4 billion barrels of undiscovered oil (120 billion barrels for the rest of US). •  At current US import rate of 10 million barrels/day, Arctic oil could replace imports for less than three years. Geographical distribution of the world’s coal and gas reserves World coal reserves World natural gas reserves USA has 30% of world’s coal reserves: Calls for clean coal technology Changes in world energy consumption Alternative energy sources •  Biomass energy (wood, animal dung), currently 14% of the total world’s energy use. •  Hydroelectric power (requires damn building), < 3...
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