The protocol entered into force on february 16th 2005

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Unformatted text preview: led organisms that could be affected by ocean acidification The Kyoto Protocol The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement forged in Kyoto Japan in December of 1997 that seeks to limit world greenhouse gas emissions to slow the progress of global warming. The Protocol entered into force on February 16th, 2005 Figure 1. Countries' after ratification by Russia share of CO2 in November of 2004. The emissions in 1990. USA did not sign the What can be done? protocol. The Ozone Hole How is ozone produced? •  Ozone is produced and destroyed naturally •  Produc6on: –  It is formed when oxygen absorbs solar radia?on Stratosphere Altitude (km) Ozone is often confused: Good ozone: Stratospheric ozone UV Shield Ozone, the good and the bad Troposphere Bad ozone: Tropospheric ozone Smog ozone amount UV radiation What affects the amount...
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