C rebound of the connent from the collapse of ice

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Unformatted text preview: r Kilimanjaro 2000 Changes in Arctic sea ice thickness 1990 1999 Sea level has increased by ~12 cm since 1880 Data from tidal gauges Sea level rise 1880 2000 Causes of sea level rise • Isosta?c rebound of the con?nent from the collapse of ice sheets that covered the northern hemisphere 20,000 years ago • Thermal expansion due to global warming (perhaps 50% of the 12 cm) • Mel?ng of mountain glaciers Future trends of sea level rise N.B. not considering a catastrophic collapse of the west Antarctic shelf Beyond Climate Not all human impacts are climate related How ocean pH might change over the next 1000 years, even with CO2 emissions returning to zero in a few centuries. Ocean acidification Pterapod coccolithorphorid Two kinds of shel...
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