Tides are measured in the direction

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Unformatted text preview: Tidal Forces between Earth and Moon Tidal range   Refers to the __________ between the ________tide and the ________ tide in a _______period or _______.   Tides are measured in the_______ direction, ____________________, but they are caused by __________, a _____________ flow. = 24 hours 50 min Effect of the sun       Spring tides (________):   Neap tides (________): Spring and Neap $des Aligned pulls (spring tide) Perpendicular pulls (neap tide) Changing (tidal) sea level •  In the open ocean the tidal effect is __________. •  Near coasts the effect is ____________. •  In bays, straits and estuaries the effect is ______________. Tidal gauges high tide Spring tides low tide Neap tides Two even 2des per day New Brunswick, NJ 2 m Atlantic City, NJ 1 m 1 m...
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