Types of ocean waves wave type wavelength generating

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Unformatted text preview: erm exam What now? A. Continue lecture into material that will be on final not midterm B. Practice with clicker questions C. You ask me questions Looping Motion Ocean Waves Ocean waves are small ­scale interactions between the ocean surface and the atmosphere (or sometimes the movement of the solid Earth). Types of Ocean Waves Wave Type Wavelength Generating Force Wind wave 60-150 m wind Seiche basin width variable 200 km earthquake, landslide Tsunami ½ Tide Comments Your normal ocean waves Standing wave destructive Not usually gravitational pull circumference thought of as of Moon (& Sun) of Earth a wave Wind Waves The size of wind generated waves depends on … ------------ (______________) ------ (______________________________) --------- (_____________________) Wave Mo2on Shoaling and Breaking Waves Wave Breaking   Waves break when ____________________   Breaking waves are responsible for _______________   Not all waves break the same:   Spilling dissipates energy over a broad...
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