120 ppt seawater chemistry black smokers hydrothermal

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Unformatted text preview: n river water: Average Salinity of River Water = 0.120 ppt Seawater chemistry Black smokers Hydrothermal vents Hydrothermal circulation through young ocean crust New discoveries: Biology independent of sunlight! black smoker Sea surface temperature (SST) Isotherms - lines of equal temperature Western Pacific warm Pool Controls on salinity Sea surface salinity Global moisture budget Evapora5on  ­ Precipita5on ITCZ evaporation = precipitation The Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone A NASA image of the ITCZ above the Pacific Ver5cal structure of the ocean Seawater density is a func<on of temperature and salinity “Light water” floats on top- upwelling “Heavy water” sinks to the bottom- downwelling The seasonal thermocline Ocean circula5on Atlan5c water masses Deepwater forma5on (density structure of the ocean) Artic Antarctic NADW AABW NADW: North Atlantic Deep Water - cold and salty...
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  • KarenBemis
  • Atlantic Ocean, the00, Atlantic Deep Water, young ocean crust,   John Harrison, Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone00

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