Thermohaline circula5on north atlan5c deep water nadw

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Unformatted text preview: AABW: Antarctic bottom water - even colder and salty The “global conveyor belt” (global thermohaline circula5on) North Atlan5c Deep Water (NADW) forma5on Surface currents The Gulf Stream Warm eddy Cold eddy Eddy formation Gulf Stream SST cold warm Movements on a rota5ng disk Movements on a rota5ng disk B’ Person B’s position when ball is thrown B Person B’s A position when ball reaches the Person A throws edge ball from center of disk Coriolis Direction of rotation (counterclockwise) Movements on a rota5ng globe Coriolis movie Coriolis effect on surface water currents Effect below the surface: Ekman transport Surface currents: Large subtropical gyres Gyre = large circular current system Coastal upwelling/downwelling Bio5c zones Major plankton contributors to marine sediment Foraminifera calcite Coccolith Calcite Diatoms silica Radiolaria silica...
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