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a raisin in the sun

a raisin in the sun - Miller 1 Freddie Miller Mrs Shue...

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Miller 1 Freddie Miller Mrs. Shue Essay 2—Drama Re-write English 1102 19 March 2008 We are our dreams. They are imbedded in our thoughts, dialogues, ambitions, and they make us who we are. Although dreams provide motivation, they are not always achieved. In Lorraine Hansberry’s play, A Raisin in the Sun , we know the characters because we know their dreams. We see how they attempt to pursue these dreams and we gain an understanding of who these characters are. The characters Walter, Beneatha, and Mama all search for a better way of life and each want different benefits, and go about reaching them in a variety of ways. Mama’s daughter and Walter’s sibling Beneatha is a collegiate scholar who dreams of one day attending a school of medicine and becoming a physician. She views this aspiration as a gateway to an ideal lifestyle, one free from financial struggles and turmoil within her family. Unfortunately for Beneatha, her dream is out of reach and stifled by her family’s inability to invest in her education. Beneatha hopes for support from her family, but states that, “I have never asked anyone around here to do anything for me,” (Hansberry 2.1.115). Beneatha could say she will not ask for help in the future also, but chooses to remain vague. Her choice of dialogue implies that she is intentionally waiting for an opportunity to ask for something that her dreams rely upon. For example, the life insurance payment that Mama receives. Beneatha knows the cost of her education
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Miller 2 places a giant financial burden on her family. However, between her and her brother Walter, she feels her ambitions to be of greater precedence (Hansberry 3.1.12-21). She thinks Walter is a failure. He has not done anything with his life, and therefore has no
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a raisin in the sun - Miller 1 Freddie Miller Mrs Shue...

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