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Dt suzuki zen in relaon to buddhism generally there

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Unformatted text preview: wo major tradi*ons, Theravada and Mahayana.” —www.oxforddic*onaries.com “Boodhism: The Religion of the People of Burmah” Webster, Dic)onary of the English Language, Revised ed. (New York, 1850) “The defini*on of Buddhism must be that of the life- force which carries forward a spiritual movement called Buddhism. [...] In a word, what cons*tuted the life and spirit of Buddhism is nothing else than the inner life and spirit of the Buddha himself; Buddhism is the structure erected around the inmost consciousness of its founder.” D.T. Suzuki, “Zen in Rela*on to Buddhism Generally” “There is no Buddhism that exists outside of local expressions of Buddhist prac*ce, no texts except those produced by people—usually men—in par*cular *mes and places.” Penny van Esterik, Materializing Thailand (2000) “In the higher grades of realiza*on th...
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