Like all indian philosophy and theology it is a

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Unformatted text preview: ere is no “I” and “mine.” Everything is void of self and there is no Buddhism, no Chris*anity, no Islam, for how can they exist since there is no “we,” no “they,” no “anybody”! There is nothing but dhamma or suddhadhammā pavaGan), just pure phenomena in constant flux. There is only nature (dhammajā)), either in its condi*oned (saṅkhata- dhamma) or uncondi*oned (asaṅkhata- dhamma) form. The person who realizes this truth is freed from clinging, is enlightened and is Buddha.” Bhikkhu Buddhadāsa, Me and Mine (1989) “Ancient Buddhism represents in almost all, prac*cally decisive points the characteris*c polar opposite of Confucianism as well as of Islam. It is a specifically unpoli*cal and an*- poli*cal status religion, more precisely, a religious “technology” of wandering and of intellectually schooled mendicant monks. Like all Indian philosophy and theolog...
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