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Failed when the deposits they were mining provided

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Unformatted text preview: inessman set out to mine a mineral deposit for grinding- wheel abrasives (incorporated first and investigated later). Failed when the deposits they were mining provided little value – new Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. moved to nearby Duluth. 5 businessmen: 1. Henry S. Bryan 2. Herman W. Cable 3. John Dwan 4. William A. McGonagle 5. Dr. J. Danley Budd - Company moved to St. Paul in 1910 - Technical and marketing innovations began to produce successes - In 1916 company paid first dividend of 6 cents a share Major Milestones/Successes: - worlds first waterproof sandpaper (reduced airborne dusts during automobile manufacturing) 1920 - Invented masking tape 1925 - Technical progress resulted in Scotch cellophane tape for box sealing - Defen...
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