The Basics-Critical Thinking-Mills and S.I.

and the issues of urban living will not be solved by

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Unformatted text preview: ities for children and men to represent the economic provider, the solution of an overwhelming divorce rate remains out of the possibility of a purely private solution (true?); And the issues of urban living will not be solved by personal ingenuity or private wealth (got it?); by The sociological imagination is not only an approach, it is also a theory approach, What is a theory? Sociologist Anthony Giddens argues that a Sociologist theory is an abstract formulation of concepts that help us make sense of the world around us help Why do we need theories? To make sense of empirical observations To test these empirical observations To To interpret these observations to make sense of To our social reality To make reasonable predictions concerning our To future as humanity future More on the pleasures and values of social theory in forthcoming classes; until then . . . theory Questions? I expect that you all will learn to ‘engage’ your expect sociological imagination; some of you may already do so and merely need to improve your skills do For others, the ‘light’ will go on, when that happens For you will learn to make sense of the world in a profoundly revolutionary manner Ultimately, the preeminent latent goal of this class Ultimately, is when such a quality of mind becomes one’s unconscious approach to the social world...
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