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The Basics-Critical Thinking-Mills and S.I.

And no matter what the topic of that and assignment

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Unformatted text preview: a writer as having taken We on a job—or perhaps better stated, an assignment. •And no matter what the topic of that And assignment, certain tasks must be done: assignment, a specific topic must be addressed specific terms must be clearly defined terms evidence must be presented common knowledge must be accounted for exceptions must be explained causes must be shown to precede effects and to be capable of the effect conclusions must be shown to follow logically from earlier arguments and evidence • As critical readers and writers, we want As to assure ourselves that these tasks have been completed in a complete, comprehensive, and consistent manner. comprehensive, • Only once we have determined that a Only text is consistent and coherent can we then begin to evaluate whether or not to accept the assertions and conclusions accept As readers, we want to accept as fact only that which is actually true. To evaluate a conclusion, we must evaluate the evidence upon which that conclusion is based. We do not want just any information; we want reliable information. To assess the validity of remarks within a text, we must go outside a text and bring to bear outside knowledge and standards. to C. WRIGHT MILLS: C. THE SOCIOLOGICAL THE IMAGINATION IMAGINATION Methodology: The Sociological Imagination The Like all systematic approaches to Like the study of human and natural reality, sociology has a method or method style of approach. style Many people argue that C. Wright Many Mills’ idea of a ‘sociological imagination’ (1959) best describes the essential approach of being ‘sociologically mindful’’. . What is the sociological imagination? What Mills describes it as: “. . . a quality of mind that helps us use information and develop reason to make sense of what is going on in the world and how it is affecting us as humans”. is Please elaborate: “While we sense that we cannot While overcome troubles outside one’s control, p...
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