The Basics-Critical Thinking-Mills and S.I.

Seeks to understand social life through

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Unformatted text preview: vidual and society (e.g., Durkheim). (e.g., To do this you must identify the structures To that shape society and individual action. Seeks to understand social life through interpretation and does not treat its area interpretation of study as an ‘object’ like natural science of It rejects instrumental rationality and inquiry It for the sake of outcomes, goals or control for Such an imagination allows for three sorts of questions: three 1.What is the structure of this What particular society as a whole? particular 2.Where does this society stand Where in human history? in 3.What varieties of men and What women prevail in this society and in this period? and Okay, you’re thinking, I can sort of wrap my head around that concept. But I’m no social scientist; how does the sociological imagination help me understand my world on a day-to-day basis? on -A fair question; for a useful demonstration, fair let’s try an example: let’s The Sociological Imagination Applied The What can we say, from a sociological point of view, about drinking a cup of coffee? view, Drinking coffee has symbolic value. Drinking symbolic You arrange ‘to have coffee’ which is about You meeting and chatting; it is a social ritual rather than a dietary one. than What does this ritual tell us about our social What structure, our place in a historical context, or the varieties of men and women prevalent in our society? And symbolically, what does the coffee you And drink or where you choose to drink it, say about you. about What does it mean to drink Folger’s? Dunkin’ What mean Donuts? At a Starbucks? At some indie roaster’s cafe? What about the fact that coffee is a drug? drug Even though we do not think of coffee as Even a drug and coffee drinkers as drug addicts, caffeine is in fact a drug, and there are more ‘coffee addicts’ than...
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