The Basics-Critical Thinking-Mills and S.I.

The consider then still accepted ideas of herbert

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Unformatted text preview: ological Analysis Reform: Consider Jane Addams’ efforts vs. the Consider then still accepted ideas of Herbert Spencer concerning social Darwinism; do we still see anything like that in modern American society? American Analysis The U of Chicago: Park, Mead, Cooley The etc. etc. Society as an urban laboratory W.E.B. Du Bois and Race Relations W.E.B. According to Du Bois, “The greatest According problem of the 20th century will be . . .”? problem Was Du Bois right? What do you think? The real shame is that the 1st African American to earn a doctorate at Harvard and founder of the NAACP, remains virtually unknown to the vast majority of Americans. unknown Make it right—read and learn about Du Make Bois—and Malcolm X while you-re at it! Bois—and The Critical Mind is A Questioning Mind Questioning Learning How to Ask Powerful, Probing Learning Questions from The Foundation for Critical Thinking for A critical thinker: critical 1.Is open-minded and mindful of Is alternatives alternatives 2.Desires to be, and is, well-informed 3.Judges well the credibility of sources 4.Identifies reasons, assumptions, and Identifies conclusions conclusions 5.Asks appropriate clarifying questions 6. Judges well the quality of an 6. Judges argument, including its reasons, assumptions, evidence, and their degree of support for the conclusion degree 7. Can well develop and defend a Can reasonable position regarding a belief or an action, doing justice to challenges challenges 8. Formulates plausible hypotheses 8. 9. Plans and conducts experiments well 10.Defines terms in a way appropriate for Defines the context the 11.Draws conclusions when warranted – but with caution 12.Integrates all of the above aspects of Integrates critical thinking Although the word 'critical' is sometimes used in a neg...
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