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The Basics-Critical Thinking-Mills and S.I.

They economics economics what systems must develop

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Unformatted text preview: and from where do What they develop? they Economics Economics What systems must develop and what systems must decline? must Only possible with the division of labor Only the What are the manifest and latent effects? Monetary systems inevitably lead to Monetary economic concerns which inevitably lead to economic rational economic action rational Why does it happen this way? Why What are the manifest and latent effects? What ______________________________________________________ What are the principle themes of classic social What theorists? theorists? Karl Marx: Class Conflict Class Marx’s Contributions: Understood specialized wage labor as Understood the basis of capitalism and capitalists— the of proletariats and bourgeoisie Recognized the division and conflict of Recognized Haves and Have-Nots Haves Argued that material life leads to cultural Argued consciousness; i.e., structure culture And inevitably, a worker’s paradise: “Workers of the world, unite!” Emile Durkheim: Cultural morality and Integration Cultural Durkheim’s Contributions: Durkheim designates a separate system Durkheim of phenomena described as social facts Division of Labor—mechanical and organic solidarity organic The individual situated in a modern The society society Social cohesion vs. anomie Social forces affect people’s lives Max Weber: Max Religion and Rationality Religion Weber’s Contributions: The basis of modernity is its orientation The towards rational means. towards Such a system continues along a trajectory Such of increasing rationality—towards the eventuality of “hyper-rationality”. And ultimately such rationality leads to the irrationality of the “iron cage”. irrationality For Weber, culture social structure For Question: Were these thinkers Question: pessimists or optimists? pessimists Sociology in North America Sociology Social Reform vs. Soci...
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