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This will not be the situation during the exam bring

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Unformatted text preview: understand class material first. Then, work on the MCPQ. Time yourself and avoid using class notes while working on them to see what your “real” understanding of topics is (in the past, some students have been misguided in their understanding of class material by solving MCPQ with an open book. This will not be the situation during the exam). · Bring a calculator to the exam. There will be questions related to growth rates. · Read questions carefully. Some of you approached me with questions about homework on Aplia where you were marking the wrong question simply because you were reading carefully (e.g., question asks for GDP of 2008 and you were thinking GDP 2009; question asks for statement that is NOT true, and you were marking those that were true; etc.). · The MCPQ should give you a good idea of the type of questions and the topics that you will see on the exam. We have worked on many examples of this type o...
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