Lecture Week 2 Sept. 17-21

Are these in fact fertility figures o this is the

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Unformatted text preview: ightly larger than the male figurines o Relative size in art generally indicated social status o These figurines are often taken as evidence that males had a slightly lower social status than women These figurines can be compared in style to Pre ­dynastic Egyptian statues of their Goddess Min. Are these in fact fertility figures? o This is the generally accepted thought o However, some room for alternative theories Ex. Erections tied to aggression in Primate behavior Note on the spread of religion: when people moved they generally ‘brought’ their own gods with them, since they had worked at home. Once they were in a new place, however, they generally adopted some of the new places gods, which were useful in that place. This led to a fusion of religious systems. Historic Context The Ancient Near East • Ancient and better established culture than Greek culture o ‘high culture’ o Achieved by having permanent settlements and surplus’s which freed up time for non ­ essential pursuits such as poetry and music • More documentary evidence survives from these cultures at this time Egypt • Had an elaborate, ‘high’ culture at an early date • Trade relations appear around 3rd millennium BCE o Some Egyptian material found in Greece Influence of Eastern Cultures on Greek Culture • The idea that Greek culture was influenced by Eastern culture can be controversial o Scholars have liked to think of the Greeks as original • However, this idea is becoming more and more accepted o Particularly the influence of Egypt • Some scholars believe that Egyptian culture was a source of key aspects of Greek culture o Such as the pantheon of gods; Art o Some areas of influence seem more plausible than others o The language barrier would have been a source of difficulty for cultural exchange o Images, however, are more easily exchanged among cultures However, some images can be appropriated though misinterpreted Minoan Culture Knossos • Toward the end of the 19th century, Knossos was just a hilltop • Located on Crete near the modern port of Iraklio • Underneath the hilltop was a...
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